2945 NETSA press reviews

HEAVEN magazine **** “Sometimes she stays close to Ethiofunk but there are also jazzy, almost singer-songwriter-like pop songs. This creates a very fine, diverse album.”

RnR magazine “Beauty and power – two words that aptly describe NETSA”

Pan AM 360, Canada “Minyeshu is the custodian and above all the ambassador of this sacred cultural, intellectual and spiritual union. Netsa (which means free in Amharic) is aptly named because, while claiming this plethora of heritage, Minyeshu appropriates it according to her own codes and her own vision. The result is one of the most remarkable albums to come out of the African continent in years.”

“Minyeshu shows how the ethio-jazz of the 70s resonates… the singer delights with an amalgam of hypnotic club jazz and ethiopian folklore, to which she mixes elements from chanson and soul pop. A vibrantly colorful fusion of sounds, sung in the ancient language of Amharic.”

Heaven Magazine (Album of the Week) “It would be a bit simplistic to attribute the Ethiopian singer Minyeshu to this purely because she lives in the Netherlands (Eindhoven), because even without that fact the new Nesta remains a striking record, on which Minyeshu gives a jazzy twist to her Ethiopian roots that turns out exceptionally beautiful.

Afrodicia kpfk 90.7fm “Great album. Listeners fell in love with her new album Nesta. Tracks with Africa Mama’s was our highlight last Saturday.”

CFUV FM Canada “This is a great new release. Certainly deserves airplay”

Radio Television Suisse “Magnifique!!”

JazzQuad, Russia “There are songs on the album with a pronounced African flavor: Ethio yo yo Pia, Abay (The Blue Nile), there’s the Ethiopian style of tizita – a kind of African blues: Yene Africa (My Africa), and my personal favorite became a song that I would call an African waltz: Fiker (Love)…”

a patina of exoticism but it is her hypnotically gentle and sophisticated vocals which carry much of these 10 songs. Don’t let the language barrier put you off, this is fascinating and at times comes off like the Ethiopian version of chanson. Very tasteful.!

Minyeshu, to her enormous credit, has brought the ancient-future of Ethiopian music – indeed Ethiopian culture – to a kind of wonderful artistic maturity. Her majestic vocal ululations propel, with irresistible kinetic energy, music redolent of colourful tone textures and transcendent rhythms to conjure a kind of musical magisterium formed – as it were – out of the vivid red clay of the land of Ras-Tafari. Maddening seduction is imminent. Ethiopian singer Minyeshu is a master of this style of singing, and on her latest album she demonstrates the technique with great subtlety and artistry while delivering pop songs that sound as modern as they do ancient. This is the first release I’ve heard from her, and now I’m going to go explore her catalog. (Man, I love this job.)